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Tips & Hints

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                     ConflictManagement Tips & Hints
  • Allow the other person "vent",- allow them say their piece.
  • Empathize- have some understanding of the other persons perspective on the issue
  • Solicit feedback,-ask the other person relavent questions to get as much information as possible.
  • Phrasing-"How can I  help you", sounds much better than "Whats your problem"
  • Do not be afraid to  Apologize for the inconvenience. it is not an admission of guilt.
  • Take ownership- try not to blame another on the issues that presented.
  • Follow up-if you need to check something out ensure you get back t the customer/client.
  • Be patient, listen,do not interrupt.
  • Maintain your composure without being dismissive. It is no good if both you and the customer become angry. .
  • Thank the person for being patient and highlighting the issue.
  • Always have a exit strategy,in the event that there is a real threat of violence.

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